Tao Inc has been a formidable force in the garment embellishment industry for over 18 years.

Since inception it has been our company mission to maintain an extremely high standard of quality and customer service.

If you are looking for a creative, dynamic and open minded team to help you develop, enhance and or sustain your garments with creative new embellishments, call us.

We started with 2 manual carousels and 8 staff members in 1994. Today we are proud to have 3 fully automated MHM machines, top of the range embroidery plant, heat transfer wing, laser cutting and etching section as well as a digital cutter.

For the very first time on the African continent we are offering industrial direct to garment digital printing on light and dark fabric’s.

The wide varieties of embellishments under one roof enables us to achieve unique results and to advise our clients on their approach when finishing off garments.

We are proud to support a full art department with extensive knowledge and great technical experience over the various processes. This allows them to create unique designs and combinations which are manageable in our own environment and fit within the client’s budget.